Sunday, September 15, 2013

Spa Days Fall 2013 - Sept 30 - October

Join Us for Spa Days Fall 2013 "Sept 30 - October"
$49.99 Treatments

Your Skincare & Wellness Specialist

Customized European Facial
Includes: Cleansing, exfoliation
steam, extraction, & custom mask.
Followed by: TSM
  • Toner/Astringent
  • Serum - eye/face
  • Moisturizer - eye/face


Zuri´s Signature Stress-Relief  Massage

Relaxes, energizes and restores balance to the
system while relieving tension and stress their
by stimulating the lymphatic system, which
naturally detoxes the body.         


  Sugaring - Hair Removal 

   Sugaring is a natural process of removing hair
   without causing breakage,  ingrown hair or skin
   damage.  Sugaring Paste is hypoallergenic
   & non-comedogenic.   Sugar naturally helps control
 cross contamination & bacteria cannot breed in the 
  tub of sugar.    See link below for more Info.

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