Sunday, December 2, 2012

Wash cloth vs. No Wash cloth

Here's the thing, from the time your a baby your mom uses a wash cloth, at least most did/do.  Then some where along the line, you become old enough to wash yourself and low and behold, you wanna get out of the shower/bath quicker and there goes the cloth.  Well stop it! rewind, go back.  There's a reason for that cloth, it gets rid of build up for dry/dead skin and oils or should I say the build up of oil and dirt from the environment and lotions/moisturizer etc.   Then along comes all those nasty little rumors about bacteria and the like and we stop using them or replace them with all kind of lovely things.  Which, I don,t say no to, its called marketing, free enterprise.  But, ever heard the old at-age if it ain't broke don't fix it.  That's the wash cloth!  It's great because it can clean your whole body, back and all.  Yes, it can also hold bacteria if you don't wash it out and hang it to dry afterwards!  Your hand is to smooth to clean your skin properly, that includes the soap/bath gel.  that is also why exfoliates came into being and became very popular.   The ancients first used sand to help clean the skin and then add scents and oils.  The bottom line is, no matter what device/apparatus you decide on for best results, use something in your hand to clean your skin properly!!!  "Just say-in"