Tuesday, March 26, 2013

30% Off All Services Pre/Post Easter Til 4/14

April Showers Brings May Flowers

* The same holds true for your skin.
* Start with renewed skin at the beginning of each season, to promote healthy skin/hair.
* Deep Cleansing and removal of old skin allows for fresh, healthy looking skin to shine thru.

With that in mind.

Join Us at Zuri's Petite Spa for a Pre/Post-Easter Special!
We will have On site Special Guest: Master Barber & Hairstylist Shamek Lloyd
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  1. I recently visited Zuri's Petite Spa and received the Black Pearl Detoxing Facial. My face has been very dry, although I have oily skin, so I knew it was time for a treatment. Immediately, I noticed the change in my skin. It has been a few days, but I am still receiving compliments on the clarity of my skin. This is highly recommended.